Each of the TORNADOR Tools have a different purpose and some work by personal preference. If you are new to the tools, then we recommend starting with the original TORNADOR CLASSIC (Z-010) to get familiar with how the tools work. Then you can advance to the beefier TORNADOR BLACK (Z-020). Both Classic and Black work similar. Many have a personal preference for these tools. Try them both to see which one you like best. The Black requires less air power and is built with stainless steel ball bearings in the rotate set (inside the cone), which will last longer and is better for heavier use. The CLASSIC tool uses a plastic “whip-style” weighted tube in the cone. Each clean with similar patented technology. The cleaner from the jar is sprayed into the soiled area via air force while spinning in a vortex (tornado) action. This vortex causes the saturated soils to quickly lift into the inner cones. Turning both of the TORNADOR’S air reverse switches to the horizontal “down” direction draws only air and will then dry the cleaned area. The Velocity-Vac Attachment (ZV-200) easily attaches to the TORNADOR BLACK tool and adds a powerful vacuum (with the use of your wet/dry vac). This tool is very popular as it’s an all-in-one hand held tool for vacuuming, cleaning, and air drying. It’s causing many detailing professionals to roll the old cumbersome and heavy extractor into the corner of their shops. See more tool differences in our video section.