We highly recommend using the TORNADOR branded cleaners: TC Enzyme (for carpet & seats), TC Foamy (for interior carpets & seats), and TC Sudsy (for exterior washing). Each are formulated specifically for the TORNADOR Tools. They each come in a 2oz and 1 gallon size. Simply add the 2oz bottle and then fill your TORNADOR jar up with water. The gallons will last you a really long time, since you’re only using 2 ounces per jar. The TORNADOR branded cleaners can be purchased online. Click the link in the top menu to learn more and order them.

If you have a favorite neutral pH-balanced cleaner, use only 2 ounces of product, then fill the jar with water. This dilution is about a 32:1 mix. “Green” eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners work well. Protease enzymes work ideal on tough food and other stains on carpets and seats. Remember, if your cleaner chemical is strong smelling to your nose, it most likely needs more water dilution. TORNADOR Tools require little chemical for them to work effectively. The cyclone action of the tool and unique patented design do most of the hard work.