TORNADOR TOOLS must be used with an air compressor capable of producing a constant air pressure of at least 70 psi and 5-6 cfm. Do not to exceed 110 psi in order to protect your TORNADOR from unnecessary wear. A large storage tank or a high cfm compressor is the key to getting maximum benefit from the Tornador Tools. Since large tanks are cheaper than high cfm compressors, go with the biggest tank you can find. We recommend using at least a 5 cfm compressor with a 10 gallon tank at the bare minimum. A 25 to 30 gallon tank would be much better to get and require less refill time. Both the TORNADOR CLASSIC and the TORNADOR BLACK work best with an air supply of 90 psi and 5 cfm. A 10 gallon air compressor can meet those needs and the tools will work fine, but after about thirty seconds the compressor will turn on to make up for the air demand. You know what they say: “The bigger the better.” This is very true in this case. Again, get the largest one that you can afford if you’re going to be using it often.